Guerlain’s advertisement for Teazzurra from the Aqua Allegoria line on its YouTube channel.  Video is used in combination with digital design tools.


Cubist couture


Viktor & Rolf’s Spring 2016 couture collection pays homage to Cubism.  As the wearer moves through space, the wraparound 3D faces and bodies offer a changing perspective.  In the ultimate fashion-in-the-round, these pieces are wearable Cubist sculpture offset by a Punk sensibility.


Cubist design


Architect and Industrial Designer Svetlana Koženová is revisiting Czechoslavakia’s cubist past.  Commissioned by Lauriger, her dinnerware is inspired by the aesthetic of Czech Cubism.  The design which is based on the lily incorporates the sharp, pointed facets characteristic of the period.


Chameleon canvas


Body artist Trina Merry elevates an age-old art form that began with the use of ochre on skin.  Her human canvases are both alive and fleeting.  The artist juxtaposes models and settings to investigate concepts and then catalogues the result of the process.


Mural realism


Power of the Wave, Mana Nalu Mural Project.  Honolulu, HI

Muralist John Pugh created his first mural on the campus of Chico State as an undergraduate.  Since then he’s received many international public and private commissions.  He feels that people enjoy being visually tricked and that they are drawn in by the scale and relationship the work has with the environment it occupies.


Extended Family, Juvenile Hall Visitors Lobby.  Sacramento, CA

Hyper focus


The Family, 2013

Massachusetts native Steve Mills paints in oil on board, panel, linen and aluminum.  His Hyperrealist paintings have morphed from landscapes to still lifes which celebrate the reflections of light and minute details.  His work takes inspiration from Andrew Wyeth and Richard Estes.


Leaning to the Middle, 2012